DIY Book Wall Tutorial

Imitation is the finest form of flattery, right? Well, when I saw what Erin @cottonstem created using books in her home, I knew that I needed something similar one one of my own walls. I love everything about the book wall. I love the texture, the dimension and the warmth of the old pages that have yellowed over time. I always get asked the same question, “How did you do that?” Well… Sit tight and I will explain.

Book wall feature


1. Collect a bunch of books. Get a variety of hardbacks and soft. I would recommend looking at your local Goodwill. That is where I scored the majority of mine. Pay special attention to the pages because they are what primarily shows. I didn’t want any stark white pages, but mostly varying shades of yellow. The color of the pages are much more important than the covers.


2. Arrange your books on the floor prior to hanging them. The method of securing the books to the wall is semi-permanent, so I would recommend having a game plan before you attach them. This will also be a benefit if you are adding anything to the books, such as words like I did.



3. Have a staple gun and a roll of tape ready! The books are attached to he wall using the staple gun. I used an electric one, but a regular one would work fine, as well. Begin with the cover and staple it to the wall. If you plan to have the book open flat, then begin working your way in toward the middle and staple chunks of papers, having a slight raise to them to add more dimension. As you near the middle of the book, leave a page free on each side. You then take your tape, loop it and secure that single sheet to the rest of the pages to hide the last staple.


4. Vary your design. Some books are open flat. Some books, I only secured the covers and let the pages fan. Some, I rolled the pages. And some are just loose sheets. Variety creates interest, so switch it up!


And Voila! You have a Book Wall Feature! It is truly very easy. Have Fun!

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